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Course Descriptions 
Associates of Arts and Sciences Degree [AAS] 
CAD Certificate for the Building Professional 
Letter of Sustainable Design 

Associates of Arts and Sciences Degree [AAS]

Graduates of this A.A.S. track continue their education toward professional degrees or seek employment immediately as paraprofessionals. Technicians specializing in architecture and construction are prepared to assist and work with architects, contractors, and related professionals.

Successful graduates involve themselves in many specialized aspects of the construction industry, including preparation of contract drawings, supervision and/or inspection of construction work, and contract administration. Computer drafting skills provide extensive opportunities for graduates.

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CAD Certificate for the Building Professional

This certificate curriculum prepares students for entry-level positions in architectural firms or construction-related businesses by providing an opportunity to learn computer-aided drafting (CAD) skills while developing a preliminary understanding of building technology. This curriculum also serves professionals currently in the architectural field who are seeking career advancement through the development of intensive technical and creative CAD skills and experience. These courses can be applied to the architectural technology A.A.S. track.

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Letter of Sustainable Design 

The Letter of Sustainable Design is a six-credit certificate that confers that the student who has completed the requirements has an understanding of the foundation of the issues of sustainability of the built environment. To satisfy the requirements for this Letter, a student must successfully complete  the three one-credit courses of Sustainability [CT107 Principles of Sustainability and Green Architecture, CT108 Sustainability/Energy Conservation Technology, and CT109 Advanced Studies in Sustainability and Green Architecture] and the choice of any CT elective course or one of the  following courses:

Methods and Materials of Construction
Mechanical and Electrical Systems
Environmental Biology
Principles of Economics I
Landscape Design


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