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Applied Geography

StudentsApplied Geography Program

The Applied Geography program at Montgomery College, Rockville campus offers an Associate of Applied Science degree in Applied Geography and certificates in Cartography and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and Geographic Education. This career-oriented program caters to students who possess an interest in maps and geospatial information.

An Interrelated Program

The Applied Geography program was developed to meet the increasing demand of students as well as the professional industry. The focus of the program affords the opportunity to explore options and specialties which determine specific and personal interests within the field. The program prepares the student for a variety of careers related to applied geography, cartography/GIS and geographic education.

Each of the three study options is designed to: Degree and Certificates offered:
  • transfer students to geography degree programs at four-year institutions
  • provide additional career training for job advancement opportunities
  • provide additional career training for degree-bearing students wishing to make career changes
  • instruct teachers how to teach geography at the K-12 level
  • offer career training for students seeking employment upon completion of the A.A.S. degree
  1. A.A.S. in Applied Geography   
  2. Certificate in Cartography and Geographic Information Systems
  3. Certificate in Geographic Education

Career Opportunities in Applied Geography

Because of the broad flexibility of this program, students will have a wide choice of professional employment opportunities. These opportunities are, but not exclusive to, the following:

  • map making
  • charting
  • geographic information systems
  • remote sensing
  • interpretation and analysis
  • statistical and spatial analysis
  • research and analysis
  • field work
  • resource management and conservation
  • land and water resource planning
  • space exploration
  • market site research
  • teaching
  • computer graphics and multi-media graphics
  • city planning and urban land use
  • consulting

For More Information Contact

Tanya Allison
Professor and Program Coordinator
Applied Geography Program
Department of Applied Technology
51 Mannakee Street
Rockville, MD 20850




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