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Stage Management

3 Academic credits + Stipend TBA    (Two internships are available in this area.)

An intern in this position will gain hands-on experience in all (or most of) the functions of a professional Stage Manager. There will be one Stage Management Intern for each production. The intern will be responsible for running all rehearsals. These responsibilities include:

Taping out the set in rehearsal spaces and preparing the spaces prior to each rehearsal; keeping rehearsals on schedule and calling breaks when needed; keeping all blocking in the prompt book and noting lines that actors consistently miss; providing and tracking all rehearsal props; tracking all actor schedule conflicts; restoring the rehearsal space after each rehearsal; working with the campus security office to have rehearsal spaces opened prior to rehearsals and locked afterward; and creating and distributing a rehearsal report after each rehearsal.

The intern will be responsible for running all performances. These responsibilities include: making sure all actors and technicians are where they need to be and prepared to run the show; calling all lighting, sound and other technical cues in the show as designed; giving time cues (half-hour, fifteen minutes, places, etc.) to all cast, crew and staff prior to the show and at intermission; working with the house management and the Company Manager(s) to start each act of the show in a timely manner; keeping track of any problems that may occur during the run and making sure they are solved; creating and distributing a performance report after each show; creating pre-show and post-show checklists to make sure all props, costumes, etc. are in working order and properly placed or stored.

The intern will have managerial duties. These include: setting up audition space and assisting in running the auditions and call backs; working with the Technical Director to create crew lists and to manage those crews; supervising and training Assistant Stage Managers; making sure actors meet all deadlines and calls for fittings, program bios, photo calls, etc.; working with the Director to plan and run photo calls; working with the Director and Production Manager to plan and run all production meetings and taking and distributing notes from those meetings; creating and maintaining a prompt book of the production; serving as a conduit of information between the director and other members of staff; helping to run at least one area of strike; assisting in the clean up following the close of the season; collecting and arranging for the return of rented scripts and scores.

The Stage Manager for each show will be expected to assist the other Stage Manager throughout the summer. The intern will create a Stage Manager’s Kit and will leave a copy of the prompt book with Summer Dinner Theatre. The intern will be expected to keep a journal and write an evaluation at the end of the summer. All interns are expected to participate in other responsibilities to the Summer Dinner Theatre program as a whole. The Stage Manager for the first show is expecting to participate in some capacity on the second show.

It is the intention of Summer Dinner Theatre to provide an experience as close as possible to a professional stage management experience for the intern, within the limitations of the program and the intern’s experience level. A candidate for this internship should have some experience in stage management – the ability to read music is preferred. All interns are required to have a minimum of one year of college or equivalent experience.

Start Date: Prior to or on the first day of Summer Dinner Theatre Auditions

End Date: Thursday following final strike of Summer Dinner Theatre

Hours: Monday - Friday, 2 - 11 p.m., plus weekends and other (earlier and later) times. Must attend all production meetings, staff meetings, rehearsals, performances and strikes

Final Week Schedule: M – Th, Noon – 6 p.m.

Supervisors: director of the show to which the intern is assigned; Technical Director/Production Manager and Artistic Director

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