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Prop Design and Management

3 Academic credits + Stipend TBA

An intern in this position will assist the Props Designer with the acquisition and building of all hand and set props for both productions, in consultation with the Scenic Designer and the two Directors.  Responsibilities include:

• Attend production meetings and other meetings as scheduled

• Assist the Stage Managers in providing rehearsal props for both productions

• Assist the Props and Scenic Designers in planning and acquiring set dressings and furniture

• Manage the props crews for each production

• Work closely with the Technical Director in managing the properties budget and petty cash

• Maintaining the props storage room and the props box and keeping these areas organized

• Setting up the prop tables and for tracking all props during the technical rehearsals and performances

• Locking up the props after each rehearsal and performance

• Assist in the return of all borrowed and/or rented props after each show has closed

The intern will be expected to keep a journal and write an evaluation at the end of the summer. All interns are expected to participate in other responsibilities to the Summer Dinner Theatre program as a whole.
A candidate for this internship should have a creative approach to problem solving and an interest in learning all the aspects of theatrical props, including how they relate to other departments. A valid driver’s license and a vehicle are strongly preferred. All interns are required to have a minimum of one year of college or equivalent experience.

Start Date: Early May, prior to auditions, if possible

End Date: Thursday, August 3rd, following final strike of Summer Dinner Theatre

Hours: Initially, Monday - Friday, 2 - 10 p.m. and other times, as needed, to shop. Must attend all production meetings, designer runs, technical rehearsals, performances and strikes.

Final Week Schedule: Monday - Thursday, Noon – 6 p.m. 

Supervisor: Props Designer

Secondary Supervisors: Technical Director/Production Manager and Scenic Designer

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Montgomery County, MD


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