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Terms to Know
  • Principal Investigator (PI) / Program Director (PD) – the person responsible for the coordination of the grant, the management of the budget, and all reporting
  • Indirect Costs – a percentage of the total budget requested which is used for such things as compiling budget regular budget reports so money can be tracked, wear and tear on campus facilities, and other costs not directly covered by the grant.
  • Evaluation – A fundable proposal must include measurable outcomes.  The Office of Institutional Research and Analysis can provide critical assistance in this area.
  • Collaborations – Identification of a partner in another discipline or another organization outside the College to jointly work on a proposal.
  • Sustainability – This describes how the project will continue once the external funding is no longer available. The funders do not want the project to disappear so you need a plan for further funding or a way for the cost to be assumed by the college. It is important to consider whether or not the cost will be assumed by the College, and also to give careful consideration of ongoing costs such as maintenance and updating of equipment.
  • Matching funds – Many grants require that the College provide some of the funds for the project. It is important that any funds from the College’s operating budget you identify receive the appropriate administrative approval.
  • Minority Serving Institution – The College may be eligible to apply for certain grants as a “minority serving institution” but this must be verified with the Office of Institutional Research to ensure the latest data supports this type of application.

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