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Department of Reading, ESL and Linguistics

Rockville Campus

English as a Second Language

Overview of EL Courses 

Six EL (American English Language Program) courses are offered for students seeking to improve their skills in English. The AELP is an English for Academic Purposes curriculum (EAP). Four of the courses (El 101 - EL 104) focus on writing and grammar, with specific emphasis on the academic writing of American English. Two courses, EL 110 and EL 111, emphasize the development, practice, and use of functional language skills necessary for understanding others and for expressing oneself orally in American English in academic, professional, and social contexts. The topics for discussion center around American culture (e.g. family, education, business). In addition to the six EL courses, the American English Language Program (AELP) at the Rockville Campus includes SP 102 and SP 109. These courses focus on voice quality, pronunciation, and enunciation through prescribed drills and exercises.

In addition to the six EL courses, RD 101, RD 102, and RD 103 are Reading courses designed specifically for non-native speakers of English.  This sequence of courses focuses on study skills, dictionary use, context clues, vocabulary expansion, and other reading skills necessary to be a successful college student.

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