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Dr. Brett Pelham

Brett PelhamI am a 1990 UT Austin PhD in social psychology who has taught at many schools including UT Austin, UCLA, SUNY Buffalo, Swarthmore, Georgetown, and St. Mary's College of Maryland. My research interests include the self, social cognition, stereotypes, gender, close relationships, and health psychology.  I've worked in several applied jobs, including framing, roofing, painting, factory labor, janitorial work, being a maid, landscaping, ditch digging, public opinion polling, marketing research, and serving as a program director at the National Science Foundation. I am the author of a popular research methods text and a not-so-popular statistics text.  My main goals as an instructor are to engage students in the material and to demonstrate how psychology can change the world for the better.  My three favorite courses to teach are human development, general psychology, memory, and human development. ;)  My five favorite foods are pasta, ravioli, and pizza.  My favorite type of food is Mexican.  My four favorite people are Ghandi, Marie Curie, and Superman.

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