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Montgomery College Fab Lab

Fab Lab Maker Space

The Montgomery College Fab Lab Maker Space in the Gudelsky Institute is a state-of-the-art facility that offers the community affordable access to the newest technologies in digital fabrication.

The MC Fab Lab Maker Space is equipped with an array of flexible computer-controlled machines that make products in various materials and sizes. The Fab Lab Maker Space includes a commercial 3D printer to print three-dimensional parts and multi-part assemblies in plastic. The Fab Lab Maker Space has a computer controlled router to produce wood products. It has digital laser cutters that can cut acrylic, etch glass and burn designs into wood. The Fab Lab Maker Space also includes a vinyl cutter to cut designs into vinyl. These machines allow community members to fabricate their computer-designed products using plastic, glass, acrylic, wood, vinyl and other materials. If you can draw a design on a computer, you can print it in plastic, cut it in vinyl, cut it in acrylic, etch it into glass and carve it into wood.

The Fab Lab Maker Space is a technical prototyping platform for innovation and invention, providing a stimulus for local entrepreneurship. The Fab Lab Maker Space is a platform for learning and innovation. It is a place for students to create, to learn, to mentor and to invent. The MC Fab Lab Maker Space is a workshop for inventors, designers, engineers and maker hobbyists who have the desire to design, prototype and build things. The aim is to enable community members to make "almost anything".

In the MC Fab Lab, community members learn by designing and creating objects for personal interest or commercial development. In the MC Fab Lab, you experience the accomplishment of making products yourself. Users learn from one another and mentor each other in the Fab Lab environment. You will gain knowledge about the machines, the materials and the software. Users experience the design process and the engineering process that goes into invention and innovation. In the Fab Lab, you go through cycles of imagination, design, prototyping, reflection and iteration as you find solutions to challenges and bring your ideas to life in the products that you fabricate.

For more information, contact the Fab Lab coordinator; Eric Jeffers, either by telephone (240) 567-7902 or e-mail:




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