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Physics - Germantown

Welcome to Physics at Germantown! 

Physics is the science of how and why things are in the universe. It is governed by immutable laws, such as the law of gravity. It is fundamental to our understanding and our ability to predict such things as car collisions, weather patterns, and our sun's energy.  If you want to understand how and why things work, then physics may be for you!

The Department offers a non-calculus based series (PHYS 203 and 204) for general education requirements (Natural Science Foundation with Lab).  For scientists and engineers, we offer a calculus-based physics series (PHYS 161, 262, and 263).  PHYS 161 does NOT include a lab component, but it does satisfy general education requirements for Natural Science Foundation without Lab.  Most physics and engineering majors will take the three-semester sequence of PHYS 161, 262, and 263 in order.  Calculus II (MATH 182) is a co-requisite for PHYS 161.

If you have any questions about the courses, please do not hesitate to contact our faculty to discuss your plans. We will be delighted to speak with you.

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