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We currently offer Introductory Astronomy (ASTR 101) on all three campuses and online. This course is a basic introduction to astronomy that emphasizes appreciation of the Earth's relationship to the universe. The basic laws of physics as they apply to astronomy are covered as are telescopes, data collection, and analysis techniques utilized by astronomers. The course also includes the evolution of stars, the solar system, galaxies, and the origin and evolution of the universe. Laboratory sessions, both computer-based and other, give practical applications to material covered in lectures.


The Rockville Science Center is home to the Montgomery College Astronomical Observatory. The observatory is used as part of the astronomy course curriculum, student research, as well as education and public outreach projects. Additional information and the observatory schedule of events can be found here:


The Montgomery College Planetarium is located on the Takoma Park / Silver Spring Campus. The planetarium is used as part of the astronomy course curriculum and for public programs. Additional information and the planetarium schedule of events can be found here:

The Icy Mountains of Pluto as seen by New Horizons at a distance of 77,000 km - Image Credit NASA-JHUAPL-SwRI

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