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Leadership Ascent Program
Soaring Eagles

Leadership development is a critical component of every student’s growth and development. Leadership skills extend to all facets of an individual’s life, encompassing the personal, academic, and professional elements that make up a well-rounded, successful student. Students with the motivation to cultivate leadership skills are encouraged to participate in the Leadership Ascent Program. All students are welcome.


The student will...

  1. develop self confidence
  2. expand self-awareness and personal values
  3. increse skills and techniques necessary for leading and empowering others
  4. improve interpersonal skills
  5. culivate a sense of civic and communtiy responsibility
  6. develop critical thinking
  7. communicate effectively

Leadership Ascent Award Certification requirements:

  1. Attend at least 10 of the 13 leadership workshops offered
  2. Become involved in campus life in a leadrship role
  3. Develop a co-curricular portfolio
  4. Complete a service learning project each semester
  5. organize campus events

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