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EEO Compliance Memoranda & Correspondence

Fiscal Year 2014-2015 College Employee Compliance Policy and Procedure Notification

As we officially begin each semester, I want to remind you of the College’s equal employment/education, non-discrimination and sexual harassment compliance policies and procedures,  as well as provide you with information regarding disability and religious observance accommodations and the multicultural and diversity training requirements.  The policies are established by the Board of Trustees and express Montgomery College’s commitment to providing an environment in which all persons have that opportunity for employment, participation in academic programs, and/or other college activities free from discrimination, any form of harassment, as prohibited by federal and county regulations and state law, and sexual assault. More specifically, the policies prohibit discrimination against an individual with a disability or on the basis of age, citizenship status, color, covered veteran status, gender identity, genetic information, marital status, national origin, race, religion, sex and sexual orientation. Alleged violations of the policies, on the part of any employee of the College, any student enrolled at the College or a participant in any College program should be reported to the Director of Employee Relations, Diversity and Inclusion and such violations could be subject to disciplinary action, including termination.   For your convenience, the equal employment/education, non-discrimination and sexual harassment compliance policies and procedures are identified below. 

The Employee Relations, Diversity and Inclusion Office website provides easy access to a copy of the above mentioned policies and procedures, and the webpage has links to federal and state EEO compliance regulations and guidelines. To access information on policies and procedures, I encourage you to visit College Policies, Procedures and Programs.  Quick access to federal and state EEO compliance regulations and guidelines can be obtained at  Executive Orders, Regulations and Laws Services . The Office of Employee Relations, Diversity and Inclusion webpage also provides access to a variety of diversity related resources at our  Resources page.

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Disability and Religious Observance Accommodations

Montgomery College provides accommodation for students and employees with a disability. The disability policy and procedures for accommodating employees are facilitated by Ms. Lori Stegeman and Ms. Kit-Wah Boyce for Assistive Technology, Office of Human Resources and Strategic Talent Management. The disability policy and procedures for accommodating students are facilitated by Mr. Christopher Moy, Employee Relations, Diversity and Inclusion.  If you have questions or concerns regarding disability accommodation or related matters, please contact either Ms. Stegeman, Ms. Boyce or Mr. Moy.

The College provides accommodation for religious observances. While the College does not officially observe religious or ethnic holidays, it does recognize and accommodate an individual’s right to choose to participate.  The right to participate is an individual choice.  A student’s request for accommodation to participate in an observance that is not planned or hosted by the College should be pre-arranged with his/her professor.  An employee’s request for accommodation to participate in an observance that is not planned or hosted by the College can be facilitated through personal leave. Specific details regarding the use of personal leave may be found in the Policies & Procedure Manual Section 35003CP or directly obtained from the Human Resources, Strategic Talent Management.  For your information and convenience, Section 35003CP states the following regarding personal leave,

Personal leave will be granted for the purpose of allowing the employee to attend to special personal obligations such as major religious observances, settlement on the sale or purchase of property, appearance in court other than for a staff member who is subpoenaed as a court witness or who is called to serve on a jury, lawyer appointments, or for other important personal unplanned crises or emergencies involving family members or personal property. The application procedures require that the employee shall submit, in advance, if possible, a request for personal leave on the Staff Request for Short-term Leave Form through the employee's immediate supervisor to the supervising administrator (or designee) for approval. Employees will be on an honor system to request personal leave for appropriate reasons; therefore, no detailed explanation will be required.  

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2014-2020 Multicultural/Diversity Education and Professional Development for Employees

The fiscal years 2014-2020 multi-year Montgomery College Diversity Plan: Our College Roadmap for Ensuring and Sustaining Diversity and Inclusive Excellence approved by the Board of Trustees requires: (1) all new college employees as part of their performance evaluation to participate in one of the multicultural professional development activities offered by the College’s professional development entities; and (2) each employee to have one performance goal annually that addresses the development and/or enhancement of cultural competency in relation to diversity and multiculturalism.

The multicultural/diversity professional development selected should be one which the supervisor and employee have determined best focuses on increasing knowledge, building awareness and enhancing the employee’s job related skills and competencies that align with the College’s commitment to access, equity and diversity. Specific information about the College’s multicultural and diversity education requirements and guidance on appropriate activities will be provided by the Employee Relations, Diversity and Inclusion.  Additionally, participating in supervisor approved multicultural professional development outside of those offered by the College is also acceptable.   

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Documentation of Employee Participation in Multicultural/Diversity Education and Professional Development

The means for documenting employee participation at professional development and events and programs can vary in some instances a certificate of attendance and participation is provided.  Generally such documentation is provided to participants by the College's professional development providers, such as the Center for Professional and Organizational Development (CPOD), Office of E-Learning, Innovation, and Teaching Excellence (ELITE), Employee Relations, Diversity and Inclusion (ERDI).  Other units sometimes use the Professional Development System (PDS) for registration and records.  If the PDS system is not used or appropriate to document employee participation,  ERDI has developed an on line form to document employee participation/attendance.  This form can be obtained at the link below, completed, printed and signed by the employee and submitted to the supervisor.

Employee Multicultural Diversity Workshop Seminar and Program Attendance Form
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Multicultural Awareness, Designated Ethnic, Cultural and Special Observances for the Nation and State of Maryland

Montgomery College is a diverse, multi-ethnic, multi-cultural and international learning community committed to fostering academic and work environments throughout its campuses that acknowledge and celebrate the contributions of its diverse students, employees and communities.

The President of the United States and the Governor of the State of Maryland have respectively designated and proclaimed specific days and months throughout the year to recognize and celebrate America’s diversity. These designated national and State awareness days and months provide opportunities to acknowledge, honor and celebrate the contributions of women; members of the gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender communities; individuals with a disability; and individuals and peoples of Arab American, Asian American/Pacific Islander, Black/African American, Caribbean-American, German American, Hispanic/Latino, Irish American, Italian American, Jewish American, Native American and Polish American heritage.  The designated national and State awareness days and months create unique opportunities at Montgomery College to acknowledge and celebrate these contributions with our local, regional and national communities.

Annually, the Montgomery College Board of Trustees reaffirms its support of the programs and activities that commemorate and celebrate the national and State of Maryland awareness days and months. Also, the Board of Trustees encourages the College community to participate in campus- and community-based activities. Contact Ms. Laura White at 240-567-4297 or Email her.

The University of Houston is conducting a project that documents all Presidential Proclamations in the United States beginning with President George Washington.

To read more about the research and/or to read the data, please visit Presidential Proclamations Project at the University of Houston

To read more information about a presidential proclamation including the meaning, implication and implementation, please visit The American Presidency Project at University of California, Santa Barbara




Affirmative Action Plan

The full statistical support reports associated with the Plans can be reviewed by contacting the Director of Employee Relations, Diversity and Inclusion. The statistical reports contain such data as an organizational profile, work force analysis by organization/unit, job group analysis, workforce availability analysis by job group, incumbency and estimated availability analysis, and much more.

What is an Affirmative Action Plan?

    Affirmative Action Plans (MyMC authentication required)   
    Frequently Asked Questions About Affirmative Action

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Social Responsibility

This report is a summary of the Montgomery College internal community’s voice about our social impacts, and the report provides recommendations that represent some standards of excellence for sustaining and expanding the College’s social impact footprint. The data used for this report are from the Social Responsibility Discovery Dialogues, Social Responsibility Survey, and institutional reports and documents. The committee recognizes the Discovery Phase and this report as the beginning of an authentic engagement process that will allow all of us, working together, to continue formulating and implementing ideas that will enhance the College’s social impact.

Montgomery College Social Responsibility Internal Advisory Committee Discovery Phase Report


 Trends in Hiring Practice Decisions Report

The Trends in Hiring Practice Decisions Report provides a bi-annual aggregated snap shot of diversity employment outcomes and potential opportunities. The report serves as a means for the Office of Equity and Diversity to communicate with College administrators about employment affirmative action and diversity impacts and implications.

Trends in Hiring Practice Decisions Reports (MyMC authentication required) 

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