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Department of World Languages and Philosophy


Why Study Philosophy?

The ancient Greek word philosophia means "love of wisdom" or "friend of wisdom," which appeals to many people in modern civilization. Classes in philosophy explore the large questions surrounding our existence, develop orderly thinking, and prepare you for many professions. By learning to view arguments from multiple perspectives, you can gain understanding of other people's views - even if you do not agree with them. Your reasoning and reflection skills will help you better understand and deconstruct complex problems, a key skill in effective communication.

Philosophy courses fulfill humanities requirements and the humanities distribution requirement. In addition, PHIL143 Introduction to the Study of Religion, fulfills the multicultural requirement. If you plan to transfer, PHIL101, PHIL140, PHIL143, PHIL201, PHIL205 fulfill a CORE requirement in the University System of Maryland. Most philosophy course transfer almost anywhere (consult a transfer advise for assistance).

Course Offerings

PHIL101 Introduction to Philosophy
PHIL140 Introduction to the Study of Ethics
PHIL143 Introduction to the Study of Religion
PHIL190 Elementary Logic and Semantics
PHIL201 Morality and Contemporary Law
PHIL205 Philosophy in Literature
PHIL209 Introduction to Peace and Justice Studies
PHIL212 Women in Philosophy I
PHIL218 Women in Philosophy II
PHIL222 Asian Thought
PHIL231 Western Religions





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