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Student Senate

What is the Student Senate?
The Student Senate is the student government organization at the TP/SS campus. It represents the entire student body on many levels from organizing events to voicing student concerns to the college administration and state legislation.

What are their responsibilities?
The senate’s primary responsibilities include addressing common student issues and above all enhancing student life during your academic career at Montgomery College.

Why do I need to participate?
You have the opportunity to shape your student government. As a student on the TP/SS Campus, it is your responsibility to make sure your suggestions, comments, feedback and concerns are heard and clearly communicated. The Student Senate offers you the opportunity to do so and your participation will make a difference towards making your voice heard.

How can you get involved and participate?
You can visit the Student Senate Office located in ST 222 of the Student Life suite on the second floor of the ST building.

Student Senate Office Hours

Name Position Email
Sarah Hamad President
Rashani Ward Williamson Vice President
Ashalee Brown Secretary
Ewelisane Mongo Treasurer
Adela Lungu Senator at Large
Christenne Headen Senator at Large
Elise McPherson Senator at Large
Jean Yemba
Senator at Large
Malaz Ibrahim
Senator at Large
Michael Darkwa
Senator at Large
Oscar Ramirez
Senator at Large
Rashod Sibert
Senator at Large
Richelle Adu
Senator at Large
Shakoora Kassie
Senator at Large
Thelma Forcha
Senator at Large

Senator at Large

Senator at Large

Senator at Large

Senator at Large

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