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TPSS Campus Operations Team
Vice President & Provost
Dr. Brad Stewart
Assistant to the Vice President & Provost
Ms. Kim McGettigan
Collegewide Dean for Communication, American English Language Program (AELP), and Linguistics
Ms. Monica Parrish Trent
Collegewide Dean for Chemistry and Biological Sciences
Dr. James Sniezek
Collegewide Dean for Health Science And Health Enhancement, Exercise Science & Physical Education
Ms. Angela Pickwick  
Collegewide Dean for Humanities
Dr.  Sharon Fechter 
Collegewide Dean for Student Engagement and Takoma Park/Silver Spring Student Services
Dr. Clemmie Solomon
Chair of  English and Reading
Ms. Ellen J.A. Olmstead
Chair of AELP, Linguistics, and Speech Communication
Ms. Angela Nissing
Chair of Business & Economincs 
Ms. Andrea Foster
Chair of Chemistry and Biology Department
Mr. Nelson Bennett, IV
Chair of Chemistry 
Dr. Adel Halli
Chair of Counseling
Ms. Laura Gardner 
Chair of Health Sciences, Health and Physical Education
Ms. Diane Barberesi
Chair of Humanities
Ms. Ivonne Bruneau-Botello
Chair of Nursing
Ms. Dianna Matthews
Chair of Visual Arts & Design
Mr. Lincoln Mudd
Chair of Mathematics
Dr. Milton H. Nash
Associate Dean and Director of Nursing
Ms. Barbara Nubile
Campus Director of Facilities
Ms. Terrence Evelyn
Campus Director of Financial Aid
Ms. Sherri L. Thompson
Campus Director of Library
Ms. Sarah Fisher
Campus Director of Security
Mr. James Ray
Campus Office Space
Ms. Jennie Wells
Campus Registrar
Ms. Marjorie Davis
Campus Student Life Director
 Ms. Kimberly Herrera
Director, Evening and Weekend Office
Ms. Jennie Wells
Enrollment Management
Ms. Kristal Bent

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