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Humanities PictureThe student who learns history will unconsciously develop what is the highest value of history: judgment in worldly affairs. We gather historical knowledge, not to make us more clever the next time, but wiser for all time.” ~ Jacques Barzun

The history faculty at Montgomery College offer courses designed to teach students a variety of skills that will make them “wiser for all time.”  History teaches us how to think critically, how to reason, how analyze data, and how to write. 

All of the history courses we teach at Montgomery College can be used by students to satisfy the Humanities distribution requirements (HUMD).  Some courses can also be used to fulfill the General Education global and cultural perspective requirement (M).  

The history faculty at Montgomery College offer traditional face-to-face, online, and blended classes.  Many of our instructors offer honors modules as well.

Courses regularly taught on the Germantown campus include . . .

          • HIST 114 – The World in the 20th Century
          • HIST 116 – World History, from the Ancient World to AD 1500
          • HIST 117 – World History, from AD 1500 to the Present
          • HIST 147 – History of Europe from the Fall of Rome to the 17th Century
          • HIST 148 – History of Europe from the 17th Century to the Present
          • HIST 200 – History of the United States, from Colonial Times to 1865
          • HIST 201 – History of the United States, from 1865 to the Present
          • HIST 250 – Modern Asia

For a complete description of these and other history courses, please consult our online course catalog:

For a complete listing of the days and times when these courses are offered, please consult our online schedule:  


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