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Rockville - Education and Psychology

Department of Education and PsychologyThe Department of Education and Psychology at Rockville is committed to providing dynamic educational experiences and training that will prepare you to pursue your intellectual and professional interests while contributing to the wider community.

Our department brings together outstanding faculty, staff, and students in an environment committed to growth and diversity.

The Education Program supports teacher preparation in both early childhood education and K-12 teaching. The Early Childhood Education program provides early childhood practitioner training and professional development, including an Associate of Applied Science degree accredited by the National Association for the Education of Young Children. We offer coursework and support for students who pursue the Associate of Arts in Teaching degree as a transfer pathway to four-year teacher education programs. We also offer courses for those holding prior degrees who are seeking certification and re-certification.

The psychology discipline exposes students to a wide array of challenging courses that will prepare them for future endeavors, whether they plan to pursue a career in psychology or they simply find the subject matter interesting. Working with both teaching and advising faculty, students can tailor an educational experience to accomplish a variety of educational goals—including transfer to a four-year college or university, completion of curriculum requirements, or career enhancement.

Consistent with the Montgomery College mission, we strive to empower our students to change their lives, and we enrich the life of our community.


With a sense of urgency for the future, Montgomery College will be a national model of educational excellence, opportunity, and student success. Our organization will be characterized by agility and relevance as it meets the dynamic challenges facing our students and community.



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