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Stationery, Business Cards & Postcards

To save time and frustration, review the instructions provided prior to using the templates.


Templates are easy to use and perfect for small, do-it-yourself print jobs and help guide Creative Services when printing larger jobs.

  1. From the categories listed above, choose your preferred template. Click the icon for a larger view.
  2. Open the template by selecting the template title. (All templates are Word documents.)
  3. Save the template to your desktop or desired folder location.
  4. Customize the template.
  5. Save your changes/customizations using the Save option.
  6. Print your small job (less than 200) on your office laser printer. For larger print jobs (more than 200), complete a Print Request Form
  7. Templates can be used and reused as needed.

Envelopes    Invitations    Brochures    Fliers    Postcards 



Please Forward
(Word - 52.5 KB)


Vertical Address
(Word - 52.5 KB)


Montgomery Scholars
(Word - 54.0 KB)


Please Forward Postage Paid
(Word - 52.5 KB)

Envelope 5 

Forwarding Requested
(Word - 52.5 KB)


(Word - 98.5 KB)


(Word - 52.5 KB)


Business Reply
(Word - 63.5 KB)


Postage Paid Invitation
(Word - 52.5 KB)

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Horizontal Fold
(Word - 21.0 KB)


Vertical Fold
(Word - 21.5 KB)
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3-Panel Brochure
(Word - 56.0 KB)


4-Panel Brochure
(Word -56.5 KB)
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8.5 X 11 Event Flier
(Word - 53.0 KB)


8.5 X 11 Book Chats
(Word - 55.0 KB)
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/assets/0/2345/2861/3814/3884/f258180f-eda2-4bc4-98e8-fc00a33e374d.gif /assets/0/2345/2861/3814/3884/8882342d-d561-4a57-aa94-6b7d59296a8d.gif 

Gallery Postcard 8.5 X 5.5
(Word - 52.5 KB)


/assets/0/2345/2861/3814/3884/a026ee91-8fec-48dc-8e16-a395190fb954.gif /assets/0/2345/2861/3814/3884/b404ce18-ab85-4c50-8133-88826719ea98.gif 

Information Request Postcard
(Word - 47.5 KB)



Invitation Postcard
(Word - 19.0 KB)

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