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Alumni Board & Committees

Board of Governors

Mr. Mahlon G. “Lon” Anderson ’70 is managing director of public and government affairs for AAA Mid-Atlantic. He received the Milton F. Clogg Outstanding Alumni Achievement Award in 1998.


Mr. Richard E. Beall ’71 is a contractor sales representative with Tri State Stone. He has volunteered with the Mobile Masterpieces and mentoring committees and is currently the Association’s Vice President.


Mr. Enoch Bevel ’05 is an executive assistant to the Executive Director for IMF-Switzerland in Washington. He is a former Rockville Student Senate President.


Ms. Carole S. Carlson ’94 is a CPA with Bell & Frech, LLC in Derwood, MD. She recently worked on Mobile Masterpieces and the MC Marketplace committees.


Mr. Gabriel Derosier ’01 is vice president and area manager for United Bank-Virginia.


Ms. Debra L. Dwyer ’80 is Assistant United States Attorney with the United States Department of Justice, United States Attorney’s Officer for the District of Maryland.


Mr. Masoud A. Edalatkhah ’06 is chief operating officer for Fin House.   He is also a committee member for the Montgomery County Coalition for the Homeless and Regional Training Director for D.C. Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve (DC-ESGR).


Ms. Susan L. Fisher ’91 is a special education para-educator at Oakview Elementary School. She has served on the benefits and governance committees.


Ms. Tookie Gentilcore ’94 is office manager for Thomas F. Barrett, Inc. She received the Milton F. Clogg Outstanding Alumni Achievement Award in 2010.


Dr. Susan Hendricks ’87 is a senior lecturer, unit and Professional Development School coordinator for the University of Maryland’s art education undergraduate and graduate programs.  She has volunteered with the Mobile Masterpieces committee.


Mr. Robert J. Hydorn ’71 is vice president of Fitzgerald Auto Malls.  He is a past President of the Association and a 2011 recipient of the Milton F. Clogg Outstanding Alumni Achievement Award.


Mr. Michael W. Jones ’85 is a senior graphic specialist and group supervisor for  NOVA Research Company, under contract with the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. His graphic production experience began as photography editor for the Rockville Campus Spur.


Ms. Monique King ’10 is a computer graphics teacher at Bladensburg High School. She has volunteered with the Mobile Masterpieces planning committees. 


Ms. Joyce M. Knight ’91 is a qualified purser with United Airlines.


Mr. W. Donald Krueger ’63 is a retired financial advisor. He is a past President of the Association.


Ms. Carol Leahy ’74 is president emerita of Adventure Theatre/MTC. She is currently the Association's President and its representative on the Montgomery College Foundation board.


Ms. Georgina Oladokun ’97 is an attorney in private practice.


Mr. Bryan N. Phukan ’05 is a microcomputer technician currently obtaining a degree in wireless technology from Washington Adventist University.


Ms. Anita Neal Powell ’79 is the president and chief executive officer of the Lincoln Park Historical Foundation.  She is the author of several publications, including research on the George Washington Carver High School and Junior College, which operated in Montgomery County the 1950s.


Ms. Yogeeta Purohit ’05 is an IT project manager with Portal Solutions.


Ms. Katrina Roux-Bernstein ’10 is a burn nurse with Washington Adventist Hospital.


Mr. Blake Slavin ’90 is a fire protection engineer. He recently worked on the Mobile Masterpieces and MC Marketplace committees.


Ms. Jane C. Smith ’76 is an independent consultant and a past director at Compusearch Software Systems. She obtained her MBA from the University of Maryland and is a member of the Montgomery County Commission for Women.


Mr. Gabriel J. Spiro ’08 is an exhibit technician with the U.S. Department of State. He is a history and political science graduate of the University of Maryland Baltimore County and a past student member of the Montgomery College Board of Trustees. He is currently the Secretary of the Association.


Ms. Lori Thomas ’99 serves on the staff of the George B. Thomas Sr. Learning Academy.


Ms. Judith Vaughan-Prather ’69 has served for 26 years as executive director of the Montgomery County Commission for Women. She received the Milton F. Clogg Outstanding Alumni Achievement Award in 2001.


Dr. Lucy Vitaliti ’77 is a student-life professional focusing on service learning opportunities at Montgomery College. She is a past President of the Association and has chaired and served on several Association committees.




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Bylaws Committee
The Bylaws Committee reviews governing documents of the Association and Board, including Bylaws. Reviews occur at least once every four years.

Finance Committee
The Finance Committee formulates and recommends to the Board policies relating to the financial management of the Association, with special focus on financial reporting, financial priorities policy and allocation of funds, monitors endowments and formulates the budget.  The Committee reviews the financial results of the Association, including a review of checks issued against invoices and bills paid, and compliance with all disclosure requirements; and reports on financial matters at each Board Meeting.

Governance  Committee
The Governance Committee oversees long-term and short-term strategic planning; establishes and administers a self-evaluation process for each individual Board member and the Board as a whole; contacts Board members who are not meeting the Board's approved attendance policy or obligations to determine said Board member's interest in continuing to serve on the Board; recommends proper recognition and awards for Board members, where feasible; monitors stated objectives of the Board and committees; oversees Board orientation and education; and reviews any governance policies and procedures of the Association for accuracy and strategic focus and makes recommendations for amendments to such documents to the Board or Executive Committee.

Nominating Committee
The Nominating Committee identifies and facilitates the recruitment of qualified candidates willing to serve on the Board; presents to the Association's members a proposed slate of Board candidates willing to serve on the Board, in accordance with the requirements in the Bylaws.

Outreach Committee
The Outreach Committee is responsible for increasing alumni involvement in the College; offering special events and activities for members; providing annual Continuing Education classes for members; assisting with the College’s development initiatives as appropriate; evaluating the Association’s online presence, promoting Montgomery College and its alumni to the community and the student body; reviewing and developing the benefits associated with membership; and coordinating activities sponsored by special interest area chapters of the association.

Scholarship and Awards
The Scholarships and Awards Committee works through the Alumni staff with the College’s Financial Aid office to identify, review and recommend to the Board for approval students deserving of scholarships and works with the Alumni Staff to identify and recommend to the Board for approval appropriate recipients for the Alumni Awards.

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