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Business Cards and Stationery

How to Order Business Cards and Stationery

  •   Westland Printers is the College print vendor for business cards. To order business cards for the first time, e-mail Sena Wiles in the Procurement Office at to request login credentials by providing your name and your department name. Using the user name and password you will be provided, go to the Westland website for the College at login as an Existing User. Frequently Asked Questions and a User Guide (with contact information) are on the Westland site to assist users.
  •   Envelopes and Printed Products is the College print vendor for stationery. Until this company completes the branded website for Montgomery College ordering, send purchase requisitions to order letterhead and envelopes to the Procurement Office, attention Sena Wiles (with a sample or photocopy of the requested item).



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