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Code of Ethics

The Code of Ethics as stated per Policies and Procedures 63001CP

The Director of Procurement shall conduct all transactions in an open, competitive manner, and shall establish necessary controls and internal procedures consistent with acceptable standard practice to promote an efficient procurement function in compliance with the provisions of applicable federal, state and local laws and Board policies. The following Code of Ethics shall govern procurement transactions [based upon the Code of Ethics adopted by the National Association of Educational Buyers of which the College is a member]:

1. To give first consideration to the objectives and policies of Montgomery Community College.

2. To strive to obtain the maximum ultimate value of each dollar of expenditure.

3. To cooperate with trade and industrial associations, and governmental and private agencies engaged in the promotion and development of sound business methods.

4. To demand honesty in sales representation whether offered through the medium of an oral or written statement, an advertisement, or a sample of the product.

5. To decline personal gifts or gratuities from any present or would-be supplier.

6. To grant all competitive bidders equal consideration; to regard each transaction on its own merits; and to foster and promote fair, ethical and legal trade practices.

7. To use for competitive purchasing purposes, only with consent, original ideas and designs devised by one vendor.

8. To accord a prompt and courteous reception insofar as conditions permit to all who call on legitimate business missions.

9. To avoid outside interests that would create a conflict of interest.


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