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Office of Business Services

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Risk Management’s mission is to create and promote a safe and supportive work environment and reduce financial exposure.


Other responsibilities are as follows:

  • Manage the work injury program at the college. 
  • Analyze, coordinate and manage commercial insurance programs and the self-insurance program.
  • Provide HIPAA Privacy Rule Training and serve as the HIPAA Privacy Official at Montgomery College
  • Provide employee education and community resources on the topics of drugs and alcohol and track and report the number of initiatives, programs and people attending to ensure programming is adequate to address the needs of employees.


o   Certificate of Insurance 


o   Art Insurance Forms 


o   Approval to drive college owned vehicles 


o   HIPAA Privacy Notice            

            Biennial Report for Drug and Alcohol Abuse Prevention Program  


o   Drug and Alcohol Abuse Prevention                      

            Drug and Alcohol Memo 

            Drug and Alcohol Policy and Procedures 

            Drug and Alcohol Abuse Chart 

            Drug and Alcohol Abuse Prevention Programs 


o   Workers’ Compensation Packet 

            Physical Capabilities Form 


o   Volunteer Registration Form 


Questions pertaining to any of the items listed above should be directed to:


Rowena M. D’Souza, PHR

HIPAA Privacy Official

Montgomery College

Office of Business Services/Risk Management

900 Hungerford Drive, Room 251

Rockville, MD  20850

Ph:  240-567-5370

Fax: 240-567-5300


Montgomery College

Montgomery County, MD


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