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Extending the graduation date on your I-20


Your Montgomery College I-20 contains a date we expect you to "Complete your Studies not later than" (point #5 on the form I-20). 

That is the LAST DATE we have told the United States government you will be in F-1 status and in classes at Montgomery College for your Associate degree.

If you PLAN TO CONTINUE here at Montgomery College longer than the date listed on your I-20, you must EXTEND your I-20 at least 30 days BEFORE it will expire.

We must have the following information (30 days before the I-20 will expire) to do the extension:

1) A copy of the approved graduation application you received from the Graduation Coordinator on your campus OR a letter EMAIL ATTACHED by an Academic Counselor to our office showing your expected graduation date for your degree program.  Make an appointment with an Academic Counselor to obtain the letter or complete the graduation application.  Rockville counselor appointments must be made at  Germantown and Takoma Park/Silver Spring students should make an appointment to see a counselor through the Starfish system on your MyMC.


2) Proof that your financial sponsors will sponsor you for the additional time.  (IF you need only one semester and believe your current sponsorship documents will cover this time - you MUST see our office at least two weeks before these documents are due).  To get new financial sponsorship documents please see the office or search for "Evidence Of Financial Support" on our webpage (

**Please NOTE: whatever degree and time period you and your counselor decide is what you are expected to do.  If you want to change the classes or your degree focus, and cannot do that during the time you have for your original degree, you MUST contact our office.  We cannot extend an I-20 for additional time because you choose to take classes other than what is needed for your degree.



Your I-20 record will show you are OUT of STATUS and not in a legal status IN 60 DAYS . 

You MUST do one the following:
1) Leave the United States by day 60 OR
2) Be admitted and have our office Transfer your I-20 record to another school within 45 days after your I-20 expires, OR
3) Have submitted an application to USCIS to change to another immigration status in the United States within about 45 days after your I-20 expires, OR
4) Graduating students may also apply to our office for Post-Completion Optional Practical Training (full time work authorization) between 90 days before and 45 days after graduation (*Attend a First Friday Workshop during the term - see webpage  OPT instructions are also at, or see the office for instruction sheets on this process)   

If you have additional questions, please see your International Student Coordinator's Office.  You may email general questions and make appointment requests for the Rockville and Germantown campuses at

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