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Placement testing for courses that start during the week of January 23rd is now complete.  See our schedule for placement testing dates for late starting and summer courses.

Accuplacer testing for late starting and summer courses will resume on Monday, January 23, 2017.
Accuplacer ESL testing for late starting and summer courses will resume on Monday, March 20, 2017.

Montgomery College uses the Accuplacer and ESL- Accuplacer tests to assess students to determine their reading, English and math skills. Placement scores help counselors and academic advisors recommend courses that are appropriate for you.To learn about placement tests and how they are used at Montgomery College, click on our Placement Testing Brochure (pdf). 

Accuplacer and Accuplacer ESL placement test is untimed.  If you require accommodations, beyond extended time, contact  Disability Support Services.  

Do I have to take the Accuplacer test?

You must take the assessment test unless you are exempt. For more information on course placement, exceptions, and obtaining test results, click our Accuplacer Placement Guide (pdf).

Students may be exempt from taking the Accuplacer by providing minimum qualifying SAT or ACT scores in English and/or math as follows: 

SAT ACT Minimum Assessment Level/Placement 
English (Sentence Skills and Reading) 500+ (Critical Reading) 21+ ENGL 101/ READ 120(exempt)
Math 500+ 21+ MATH 110, MATH 115, or MATH 117

Course assessment waivers may also be granted (and in some cases, credit awarded) on the basis of scores on specific CLEP,  and Advanced Placement/International Baccalaureate, or Tech Prep.

For instructions on how to submit official SAT or ACT scores contact the Admissions Office .   

Accuplacer and Accuplacer ESL - Determine which test is right for you.

If your first language is American English or you have attended a U.S. school for 10 or more years (elementary, middle, high school), you will take the Accuplacer placement test. Otherwise, you will take the ESL Accuplacer placement test designed for students who speak American English as a second (or subsequent) language. 

For additional information about Accuplacer and Accuplacer ESL as well as other Montgomery College placement tests (Chemistry Placement Test), click on the tabs below.

Accuplacer Assessment

What is the Accuplacer?

The Accuplacer is a computerized self-paced, untimed test. The test is delivered in a multiple choice format. Most students complete the test within 1 1/2 to 2 hours. The test is adaptive; the Accuplacer determines which questions will be given next based upon previous answers. This provides a more accurate method of measuring an individual student's skill levels than a general test. It also means that no two tests taken are precisely the same. You are encouraged to give each question as much thought as you wish before selecting your final answer. Your scores will determine which English and math courses you are eligible to take.

The Accuplacer has three parts:

  1. Reading Comprehension: (20 questions), measures reading skills, such as identifying the main idea and making inferences, through the comprehension of short passages.
  2. Sentence Skills: (20 questions), measures understanding of sentence structure and grammar.
  3. Mathematics: (questions that range from Elementary Algebra to college-level mathematics), measures a range of math skills from basic algebraic concepts and operations to college-level math concepts. You will begin with one section and, depending on your performance, may advance to another section.

    Students are allowed one retake of the Accuplacer test after 48 hours have elapsed and after having met with a counselor or advisor. (College Policy and Procedure 58002: Section IV, Part B.)

How Will I Get my Test Scores?
After you complete the Accuplacer you will be instructed by Assessment Center staff about how to sign up for an academic orientation session to obtain your results. At the academic orientation session you will receive your scores and recommendations for classes.


Accuplacer ESL Assessment

What is the ESL Accuplacer?

The ESL Accuplacer is a computerized self-paced, untimed test. You should take the ESL (English as a Second Language) Accuplacer Test if you did not learn American English as your first language and did not attend at least 10 years of school (elementary, middle, high school) in the United States. The test results determine English and reading course placement levels.

The ESL Accuplacer Test includes both multiple choice questions and a writing sample. It is untimed to allow you to focus and comfortably demonstrate your skills. You are encouraged to give each question as much thought as you wish before selecting your final answer. For most students the test lasts approximately 2 1/2 to 3 hours. This test does not include any math questions. Non-native speakers of English may take the Mathematics section of the Accuplacer test after taking the ESL-Accuplacer test and placing into AELR 930 or higher.

The ESL Accuplacer test consists of a 25-minute AELP essay and four untimed computerized sections:

  • Listening: (20 questions), measures the ability to listen to and understand one or more people speaking in English.
  • Reading: (20 questions), measures the ability to read English through the comprehension of short passages.
  • Language Usage: (20 questions), measures proficiency in using correct grammar in English sentences.
  • Sentence Skills: (20 questions), measures the understanding of meaning in English sentences.

How Will I Get My Test Scores?
After you complete the ESL Accuplacer you will be instructed by Assessment Center staff about how to sign up for an academic orientation session to obtain your results. At the academic orientation session you will receive your scores and recommendations for classes. You will be able to take the math section of the Accuplacer depending on your English and reading scores.

Chemistry Placement Test (CPT)

Students who wish to register for CHEM131, Principles of Chemistry, must meet one of the following prerequisites:

1) a grade of C or higher in CHEM 099, Introductory Chemistry, within the past two years; 2) an appropriate score on the Chemistry Placement Test (CPT); or 3) consent of the department.

The purpose of the Chemistry Placement Test is to ensure that students are sufficiently prepared with the background knowledge and skills needed to succeed in CHEM 131. The CPT is on material that students should already know from high school chemistry. To better prepare for the CPT, please review basic mathematical skills and chemical concepts found in the CHEM 099 Introductory Chemistry textbook or the first 3‐4 chapters of any college‐level general chemistry textbook.

This test is a 30‐minute, computer‐based test, and use of a scientific, non‐graphing calculator is allowed. It is recommended that the Chemistry Placement Test be taken at least one week before the student plans to register. The student will know their test results immediately following the test. If they pass, they will get an automatic override in Banner, enabling them to register for CHEM 101 the following day. If they fail the test, they will be informed that they should register for CHEM 099.

NOTE: Students may only attempt the Chemistry Placement Test once. Please note the Pre‐ or Co‐requisite for CHEM 131: Assessment levels: ENGL 101/READ 120; MATH 093 or MATH 096 or appropriate score on the mathematics placement test.

The Chemistry Placement Test is available on a walk‐in basis at all three Campus Assessment Centers. Please check each Center’s testing calendar for testing hours.  
Chemistry Placement Test Information



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