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Purchasing Card



The purpose of the Montgomery College Purchasing Card Program with M&T Bank is to establish a more efficient, cost-effective method of purchasing and payment for small-dollar transactions. The program is designed to replace a variety of processes, including petty cash, check in advance, and certain purchase orders.

Use of a P-Card will provide the following benefits:

  • Expedite the ordering and delivery of small dollar supplies (less than $2,500)
  • Eliminate requisition -> PO -> invoice process
  • Provide significant savings in the cost of the procurement/payment process
  • Allow the department to have direct contact with supplier

The M&T Bank Visa® Purchasing Card is similar to any other Visa card, except that it includes controls to make it functional for large companies and organizations like Montgomery College. These controls help to ensure that the card can only be used for specific types of purchases within specific dollar limits.

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Permanent, full time or part time employees of Montgomery College who have responsibility within their unit for ordering supplies are eligible to obtain a Purchasing Card. Consultants, contractors, student assistants, temporary employees, or those as determined by the Director of Procurement, are not eligible for a Purchasing Card.

P-Cards are issued at the request and approval of your Primary Account Manager. P-Card usage may be audited and/ or rescinded by the Director of Procurement at anytime. The card is issued to the Montgomery College employee, not the department. The cardholder is the only one who is authorized to make purchases on the card.

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Obtain a P-Card

Complete the following Application and Cardholder Agreement and submit to the Office of Procurement for processing.

P-Card Application Form

Cardholder Agreement 

Cardholders will be notified of upcoming cardholder training dates, and are required to attend training before they receive a Purchasing Card.

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