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Rockville Leadership Team

Rockville Leadership Team

Welcome to the Web site of Montgomery College’s Rockville Leadership Team where you will find information on the campus’s academic administrators and their areas of responsibility. The Team is firmly committed to student success and actively supports the campus mission and vision by providing leadership to:

  • Create an enabling environment for student learning and growth;
  • Promote faculty and staff development;
  • Foster communication among external and internal groups;
  • Identify external funding partners for expansion projects; and
  • Monitor, evaluate, and enhance academic programs, career training, and lifelong learning opportunities.

Links are provided for each of the instructional areas, academic departments, programs and institutes, as well as to other College sites.

Rockville Leadership Team

Judy E. Ackerman, Ph.D.  Vice President and Provost Rockville Campus
Patricia Bartlett, Ph.D.  Instructional Dean, Business, Information Science, and Hospitality Management
Debra Bright, Ed.D. Interim Associate Dean of Student Development
Monica R. M. Brown, Ed.D.  Dean of Student Development
Darrin Campen, Ph.D.  Instructional Dean, Social Sciences, Education, History, Health Enhancement and Physical Education
Eun-Woo Chang, Ph.D.  Instructional Dean, Science, Engineering, and Mathematics
David Phillips  Director of the Arts Institute and Associate Dean for the Arts
Deborah Preston, Ph.D.  Instructional and College Dean for the Arts
Rodney W. Redmond, Ed.D.  Interim Instructional Dean, Humanities
Edward J. Roberts  Instructional Dean, Applied Technology and Gudelsky Institute for Technical Education
Don Smith  Director, Evening and Weekend Office

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