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MC Style Guide


About this Guide

How many times have you wondered: one word, two words, or hyphenated… or whether to capitalize “college” in a letter or e-mail? This guide provides the institution’s preferred standards for official correspondence, reports, and messages to the community. Created by the Office of Communications, this guide should be adopted by all College staff and faculty who routinely write, edit, proofread, review, and screen written correspondence.

About Our Name

Our official name is Montgomery College. Montgomery College is used in news releases, feature articles, publications, and on the web. Prior to 1969, Montgomery College was named Montgomery Junior College. “MC” is acceptable after a first reference to “Montgomery College,” but it should not be used repeatedly or solely. Do not use “MC,” “Montgomery” or any other shortened form in titles of publications, on signs, or in any formal publication.

Montgomery College

Montgomery County, MD


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