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Student Procedures
Step 1
Review the service-learning assignment in your course syllabus.

Check the course's learning objectives.

Think about your interests, needs for transportation, location, and schedule.

Review the list of available agencies/schools and select a potential service site that meets all course requirements.

Contact the Service-Learning Coordinator at MC-Rockville if you have any questions about a site or the selection process.

Step 2  
Select a site and sign your waiver.

Sites may be selected from the list provided by your instructor, the Service-Learning Coordinator, or the Montgomery County Volunteer Center.  

If you are interested in a different option, you must FIRST get approval from your instructor.  

Read and sign the Release/Waiver of Liability

Step 3


Contact the site and complete all required forms.

Contact the agency’s Volunteer Coordinator by email or phone to ask about the opportunity.

Schedule a meeting to outline specific responsibilities that you will have. Ask the Volunteer Coordinator to complete her/his portion of the Service-Learning Placement Agreement.

Fill out ALL forms completely before registering for a placement in Givepulse.
The Service-Learning Release/Waiver MUST be completed and turned in to the Service-Learning Coordinator or your instructor BEFORE beginning any service.

Step 4  
Serve and reflect.

You will be assigned activities, readings, and projects that will help you learn from the service you are doing.

These reflection assignments are an important part of your grade for the course and will help you be prepared to work at your site.

Step 5
Tracker your hours for your course at

Complete the required service assignment and record your hours in Givepulse.     

Ask the site supervisor to verify your hours and visits by checking their email for verification requests.

You are responsible for tracking your hours and  submitting all surveys and forms to your instructor or the Service-Learning Coordinator, Office of Student Life, CC005D when your commitment has been completed. 

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