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Course Scheduling Office (Credit)

The Credit Course Scheduling Office, (part of the  Enrollment Services unit of Montgomery College), determines and enforces uniform scheduling policies and guidelines to ensure each department receives equitable access to Montgomery College classroom facilities and maximizes class schedule options for students. Credit course schedulers along with the academic departments development, maintain and publish online all the class sessions/terms Collegewide. College credit classes are given first priority over any other activity. Rooms for credit classes are assigned through the Credit Course Scheduling Office processes.

Some classes require orientations, special or extra meeting dates that are scheduled throught the Credut Course Scheduling Office - some are scheduled as a multiple meeting record (which will show up on the student's class schedule) and some are scheduled as an event (which will be listed in the section text of the course section listing and will not show up on the student's class schedule). These extra dates should be scheduled with the Credit Course Scheduling Office at the time of schedule development.

Important Credit Course Scheduling Links:

Schedule of Classes - Deadlines with links to current online class schedule and catalog
Course Catalog - Current academic catalog
Registration Dates and Announcements - Registration schedules and announcements
Waitlist Info. - General information on Registration Waitlist
Final Exam Schedule - Current and next term's final exam schedules
Academic Calendars - Yearly academic calendars
Important Student Dates and Deadlines - General registration and scheduling important dates and information
Campus Maps and Directions - Maps for getting around the campus and community

Non-Credit Class Scheduling:

While credit classes have scheduling priority for campus facilities, non-credit classes have the next priority for space. Non-credit classes are scheduled through  Workforce Development and Continuing Education (WD&CE).  WD&CE coordinates usages requests to ensure that facilities are being used within the College and campus policies and guidelines.

The College has established scheduling protocols for credit classes, non-credit classes and events to ensure effective campus coordination and to provide departments, individuals and groups with a means by which to reserve facilities, spaces, equipment, and other resources and support services. These scheduling protocols apply to all campus courses and events.

Event Scheduling:

All academic-related activities have scheduling priority for campus facilities, most are available for use outside class time for campus-affiliated club meetings, study groups, and guest speakers. Event scheduling is coordinated through each campus' Community Use Scheduler within the Facilities Office. They coordinate usage requests to ensure that facilities are being used within the College and campus policies and guidelines. For more information, contact the Facilities Office on teh campus at which you wish to hold your event.

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