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Beginning in the Fall Semester of 2013, AELP Courses will no longer receive institutional* credit. 

  *Institutional credit means that the course grade is calculated into the GPA.
AELP courses have never counted toward a degree and have transferred to only a small number of colleges and universities.

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The American English Language Program (AELP) at Montgomery College

Academic English Skills Practice

Links to Online Academic English Skills Practice for AELP Students


MC Library AELP Resources Page - Page for American English Language Students - MC Library Resources Page 

Dave's ESL Cafe - ESL Lessons and Practice Dave's ESL Cafe for Students 

Reading & Vocabulary

MC Reading Resources -   Reading and Vocabulary Skills for MC students - MC Reading Resources

AWL Vocabulary Exercises - Academic Word List Practice Exercises-  AWL - The Exercises 

Quizlet - Online Flashcard Maker -

Composition & Grammar

EAP Writing Guide -  English for Academic Purposes. -  EAP Writing Guide 

Purdue OWL for ESL Students - Purdue University Online Writing Laboratory. Purdue OWL ESL 


Listening & Pronunciation 

MC Podcast Directory - Professors, adminstrators, and other professionals.  MC Podcast Directory 

TED - Technology Entertainment and Design Video Speaking Series. TED Video Series 

NPR- National Public Radio Broadcast Audio Podcasts. NPR Podcasts 

Sounds of American EnglishAmerican English Pronunciation 


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