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Beginning in the Fall Semester of 2013, AELP Courses will no longer receive institutional* credit. 

  *Institutional credit means that the course grade is calculated into the GPA.
AELP courses have never counted toward a degree and have transferred to only a small number of colleges and universities.

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The American English Language Program (AELP) at Montgomery College

ESL Placement Test Information

ESL Accuplacer Test

Most of the placement test is computerized. The parts of the computerized test are the following: listening comprehension, language (grammar), reading comprehension and sentences meaning (vocabulary). The part of the test that is not computerized is the 25-minute writing sample; you will be asked to write on a given topic. The topic will be familair and does not require special knowledge. Sample Test Questions 

Placement depends on the scores from all parts of the exam. The writing samples are scored and the placements are determined by two or more ESL professionals. As a result of the test you may place into any of the following courses/programs:

  • EN 101 or EN 101A (transferable credit; student is eligible for credit coursework)
  • AELP (nontransferable institutional credit)
  • Developmental writing and reading (noncredit courses for native speakers of American English with week academic writing and reading skills)
  • Continuing Education or Adult Education

Accurate placement is important. To ensure accurate placment, all students are given a diagnostic exam on the first day of class. You will be notified if your placement needs to be changed.


Test-Taking Tips 

  1. Placement tests determine which courses you can take. Take them seriously.
  2. Write as well as you can on the writing part of the test: plan carefully. Write as well as you can on the test: plan carefully. Write as much as you can. Edit your writing to improve the grammar.
  3. You will have 25 minutes for the writing test, but the other parts of the test are untimed.
  4. Get plenty of sleep the night before the test.

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