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Mathematics & Statistics Department

Faculty & Staff

Department Administration

Name Contact Information 

Dr. Ben Nicholson
Department Chair

Science Center (SC) 250B


Ms. Janice Burke
Administrative Aide

SC 250C;     240-567-5194 

Ms. Mickey Rinaldi
Office Associate

SC 250J;     240-567-5208

Ms. Sudha Kunhikrishnan

Math080 Lab Instructional Associate

SC 250H;     240-567-4963

Mr. Scott Poese

Math080 Lab Instructional Associate

SC 250H;     240-567-4963

Full-time Faculty

Name Contact Information

Prof. José Alonso

SC 454E;      240-567-5384

Prof. Maria Aronne

SC 354M;      240-567-5193

Prof. Pamela Arrindell

SC 354E;      240-567-5204; 

Prof. Alexander Bathula

SC 254E;      240-567-5214; 

Dr. Zineddine Boudhraa

SC 454M;      240-567-5192; 

Dr. Maria Brunett

SC 354N;      240-567-4024; 

Dr. Okkyung Cho

SC 454P;      240-567-5210; 

Prof. Luc Desir

SC 354Q;      240-567-5220; 

Dr. Paul Duty SC 254F;      240-567-5381; 

Dr. Franklin Gavilanez

SC 454Q;      240-567-5197; 

Dr. Mary Hopkins

SC 254B;      240-567-5198;

Dr. Elaine Jadacki

To be updated;


Dr. Muse Kahsay

SC 254K;      240-567-5341

Dr. Fred Katiraie

SC 354P;      240-567-8060; 

Prof. Sirisha Kolluru (Kala) SC 354C;      240-567-5196; 


Dr. Jason Lee

SC 354H;      240-567-4975;

Prof. Teresa McCullough

SC 454C;      240-567-5213; 


Dr. Irene Moshesh

SC 254Q;      240-567-4323; 

Prof. Richard Penn

SC 354F;      240-567-5195; 

Prof. Stephen Perencevich

SC 454B;      240-567-4103; 

Dr. Monique Peters

SC 250F;      240-567-4964; 

Dr. Julie Rogers

To be updated;


Prof. Alison Rose

SC 454N;      240-567-4231; 

Prof. Claudinna Rowley

SC 254M;      240-567-5202; 

Dr. Atul Roy

SC 254P;      240-567-5409; 

Prof. Rachel Saidi

To be updated; 

Prof. I. Van Scott

SC 354K;      240-567-5216; 

Dr. Amy Shell-Gellasch

SC 254C;      240-567-4059; 

Dr. Thomas Sonnabend

SC 454K;      240-567-5219; 

Prof. Andrea Steelman

SC 354B;      240-567-5072; 

Prof. Stephanie Talbot (Pepin)

SC 254N;      240-567-5207; 

Dr. Yan Zhao

SC 254H;      240-567-5223; 

Part-time Faculty

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