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The Ethnic Social Studies Program

Certificate and Letter of Recognition

The courses within this program, drawing on the humanities and social sciences, aim to provide comprehensive knowledge about ethnic groups and relations in US society, as well as in global contexts. Because of the international diversity of US society due to migration and globalization, many organizations and business see the need for training individuals to learn about ‘others’ so that they can interact cooperatively. This diversity is particularly noticeable in Montgomery County and Montgomery College. (Academic Master Plan pp.20-24) Training in Ethnic Studies is intended to enhance the sensitivity level of students towards individuals of other ethnic groups with whom they interact professionally and socially. Understandings gained by engaging in ethnic studies courses will enable students to be able to participate fully in a multicultural environment, and will aid in their development as informed and competent professionals in a wide variety of fields. We envision a program that will equip students with tools to complement the skills they already possess in their respective chosen careers such as nursing, law enforcement, social work and education. (See Attachment B letters of support). Students of Ethnic Studies will become more adept in conducting investigations, providing counseling services, leading conflict resolution sessions, and analyzing social problems because they have been exposed to selective and specialized knowledge and information about the complex community they serve. Montgomery College, a higher education institution with a strong commitment to diversity, is an ideal environment in which to foster an understanding of ethnic relations regarding power, community and social justice.

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