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Building Automation Controls

 Building Automation Controls or as NIST refers to it “Cybernetic Building Systems” have proliferated and are now integrated into all aspects of Facilities and Energy Management.  Not long ago most controls systems consisted pneumatic air(compressors, springs & diaphragms) or electricity(motors, mercury switches, & relays) but now computers control Building Automation Systems, Fire Alarm & Control Systems, Security and Access Control Systems, and Lighting Control Systems.  Digital circuitry is  integrated into most building subsystems such as chillers, boilers, and generators, all requiring integrated communications.  Some even require access to the internet and the world wide web.

The American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers, Inc.(ASHRAE) Standard 135, Building Automation  Controls Network(BACnet), a standard communication protocol, has facilitated communication and integration and is now readily available. Click here for the Official BACnet Website 

Controls Master Planning is a tool which can be used to properly manage this complicated and rapidly changing technology.  Controls Master Planning examines issues such as standardized details, sequences, graphics and specifications and procurement issues such as selection of vendors and management of construction and service contracts.  Surveys, evaluation and documentation of existing College-wide controls infrastructure and planning and management of replacement legacy systems are examined.  The relationship between controls, information technology infrastructure, training, commissioning and operations and maintenance are also examined.

The Office of Facilities, Energy Management, Controls Master Plan is currently ongoing.  For information please contact us.

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