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Baugh Catherine Senior Project Manager 77374
Boatman Alice Emergency Preparedness & Continuity Coordinator 74264
Booker Susan Architectural Designer/Project Coordinator 77378
Coliton Ceil Space Planning Analyst 77112
Denegal Rose EA to VP of Facilities & Security 75371
Draper Sharon Part-time Temp (Retiree)  Plan Room CAD Station 77367
Ebright Erika Architectural Designer/Drafter 74268
Evelyn Terrence Director of Facilities, TP/SS Campus 71565
Filippi Sandra Campus Planner 77362
Hanley Peter Senior Project Manager 75391
Henley Bill Supervisor Construction Manager - ARA 74287
Hung Amy AA to Deputy Chief Facilities Officer 77359
Jones Chris Facilities Applications Coordinator 74269
Karn Jamie Campus Planner 74288
Koh Eric College Architect 77364
Maloney Steve Dir. of Public Safety & Emergency Management 74292
McCambley Maurice Director of Facilities, Germantown Campus 77880
McLean John Director of Capital Planning and Design 77360
McLean John Director of Planning and Design 77360
Moy Angie AA to Director of Project Management 74267
McRae Chahnaz  Part-time Temp (Retiree) 74259
Orelli Cindy AA to Director  Of Capital Planning & Design 77363
Pace Mark Parking and Transportation Manager 74213
Pena Sarahy AA to Director of  Public Safety & Emergency 77370
Peterson Russell(Russ) Facilities Administrative and Operations Manager 77355
Pradhan Sharmila Environmental  Safety Manager 74308
Redinger Kevin (Acting Dir. Of Proj. Mgmt) Senior Project Manager 74314
Rimkus Gretchen Senior Project Manager 77365
Rocke Mike Environmental Safety Specialist 74266
Sanchez Carlo Public Safety Training Officer 74258
Schramm Kristina Capital Budget Analyst 74265
Scrock Karen Project Manager 77366
Sonetirot Pok Mechanical Engineer 77368
Tarver James Director of Facilities, Rockville Campus 77376
Thomas-Kaonohi Lisa Senior Project Manager  74286
Toyofuku Mai Environmental Safety Technician  74290
Tran Ninh Computer Support Specialist for 40WG 74207
Whitcomb Mike Energy Manager 77375
Yanaway Alan Project Manager 77361
Yeatts Dewey Vice President of Facilities & Security 77356
Vacant   Deputy Chief Facilities Officer 77359
Vacant   Senior Project Manager  77384
Fax back hallway 40WG Central Facilities 77379
Conference Rm WG 202 40WG 74295
Conference Rm WG 229 40WG 74294

 Campus Help Desks      

Brown Wendy Rockville Facilities Help Desk 75073



Germantown Facilities Help Desk 77807
Tsegaye Martha Takoma Park/Silver Spring Facilities Help Desk 71563

Facilities Use Schedulers

Deutcheu Jean Rockville Campus 75016
Nguyen  Kaylin Takoma Park/Silver Spring Campus  71564
Perez Anna Germantown Campus 77882

Campus Security

Dunn Michael (Mic) GT  & Paul Peck Building  (Security Recorded Line) 77777
Hayre Debra   Manager, RV Campus  (Security Recorded Line) 75111
Ray Tony TPSS Campus  (Security Recorded Line) 71600
Ray Tony Health Sciences Center Lobby Desk (Recorded Line) 75555
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Montgomery County, MD


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