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Beginning in the Fall Semester of 2013, AELP Courses will no longer receive institutional* credit. 

  *Institutional credit means that the course grade is calculated into the GPA.
AELP courses have never counted toward a degree and have transferred to only a small number of colleges and universities.

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The American English Language Program (AELP) at Montgomery College

AELP Program at a Glance

AELP Program at a Glance

AELP at a Glance(2)

Curriculum Advising Highlights:

  •  AELW 920 (EL102) and AELR 920 (RD102) are pre- or co-requisites for AELS 920 (EL110).
  •  AELR 930 (RD103) and AELS 920 (EL110) are pre- or co-requisites of AELW 940 (EL104).
  •  Students in the AELP must pass or test out of AELR 930 (RD103), AELS 920 (EL110), and AELW 940 (EL 104) in order to take most degree courses at Montgomery College.


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