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Club Forms & Guidelines and How to use Them

Promoting Your Club

"Focus on progress and not perfection!"

Leading a Student Club is challenging but rewarding work.  It is neither the role of the president nor of the advisor to run the club alone, but rather to facilitate its growth and development. Student Clubs are most effective, productive, and enjoyable when everyone plays a part in their success.

1. Delegating – An organized leader keeps track of tasks that need to be done and delegates those tasks to as many people as possible.

2. Committees – Break down the various tasks of the club into committees and have a different person chair each committee.  Ideas for committees include Publicity, Recruitment, and Special Events.

3. Training – The College offers many opportunities for leaders to improve their skills.  Encourage members of your club to attend such workshops.

4. Ask & Listen – One of the most common mistakes made by leaders is in failing to ask the club membership for its opinions and desires, as well as listening to what they have to say.  The quickest way to alienate yourself from your       membership is to act in a vacuum.

5. Admit Mistakes – Everyone makes mistakes and you’ll make your fair share. When that happens, admit it, apologize, and move on. Be just as willing to forgive the mistakes of others.

Student Life has taken feedback from previous student leaders and advisors and developed the following to assist your club with it leadership development, event planning, running effective meetings and agendas, posting policies, and other club needs.

To assist your needs with understanding and completing the official club recognition paperwork, please review the following documents:
Club Constitution
Advisor Agreement Form
Official Club Registration Form
Helpful Hints in Filling out the Official Club Paperwork
Guidelines for drafting a Club Constitution 
Guideline for selecting & completing the Advisor Agreement Form 
Guideline for drafting club goals
Articulation a Vision
Club Goals Form

To assist student leaders with the running effective meetings, please review the following documents:
Ground Rules for Discussion
Tips for Leading Student Groups
Icebreakers, Discussions, and More..
Developing club meeting agenda
Developing meeting agenda for club
Club Meeting agenda temple 1
Club Meeting agenda temple 2
Club On Campus Space Reservation Request Form 

To assist student leaders and advisors with event planning:
Club Event Proposal Form
Event Planning 101
Event Planning Module

To assist student leaders and advisor with accessing funding through the Budget Request process:
Club Event Proposal Form
Club Budget Request Form
Sample Club Budget Request Form
Agreement Letter for Services
Tax Except Certificate
Vendor Federal Tax ID W-9 Form

To assist your club with requesting meeting refreshments and event catering needs:
• Cartwells Club Meeting Refreshment Menu 
Chartwells Food Service Request Form

To assist student leaders and advisors with planning an educational club field trips to ask for funding through the budget panel process:
Distance Travel Requirements Check-Off List
Club field trip participant contact information worksheet
Club Liability Waiver Form
College's Code of Student Conduct

To assist your club with requesting a movie screening/ showing a movie(s) licencing rights:
The office works with Mr. Jack A. Rhodes, Account Executive, at Swank Motion Pictures. You can call at 1-800-876-5577 or email; Below is a link to the Swank website. 
Public Performance Licence for Movie 

To assist your club with its mailbox management, & posting polices and copy services:
Guide to Club Mailbox Management

To assist with understanding the college's posting policies: 
Club Campus Posting Protocol and Copies Services

To assist your student leaders and advisor with it's fundraising planning and efforts:
Club Funding Form
Club Deposit Form

To review the club program policies and procedures please review the Club and Organization Handbook:
Official Club Handbook

Please contact your Student Life Specialist for additional support. 

Choose to get involve and join a club!

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