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Books tutoringShort-term tutoring is available on a walk-in basis according to the schedule below for currently enrolled students taking math, biology, chemistry, physics, engineering, computer science, and geosciences courses at Montgomery College. There is a sign-in for the tutoring waiting list at the circulation desk. Tutors assisting in the Ackerman Learning Center are members of the faculty, Center staff, or outstanding students who have been recommended by their professors. Weekly help sessions are available for some classes. Students should be sure to take advantage of the additional help offered by faculty through these help sessions. There is no need to register and all sessions are free. The Ackerman Learning Center also maintains a list of private tutors who can be hired for more extensive private tutoring needs.

Spring 2019 schedule:

Biology  download
Chemistry download
Math  download
Physics, Engineering, Geosciences  download
CMSC download

The posted tutoring schedules are not able to reflect daily tutoring absences; schedules may change without notice.

Weekly Help Sessions are also available for some classes. Sessions are free, there's no need to register, and all MC students are welcome to attend.

How to maximize your time with a tutor:

  • Bring your notes and text book.
  • Try to attempt solving the problem to show the tutor your progress and where you have questions.

Take Home Tests and Quizzes:

  • Tutors cannot directly assist with take home tests or quizzes unless it is clearly specified on the test or quiz that help from a tutor is allowed






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