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Benolken, Anne Associate Professor 240-567-7524 TC118 anne.benolken 
Beverly, Ronald Associate Professor 240-567-7519 TC129 ronald.beverly 
Brink, Michelle Administrative Aide II 240-567-7535 TC116 michelle.brink 
Carl, Joanne Professor 240-567-5304 TC127 joanne.carl 
Copeland, Tiffany Associate Professor 240-567-5307 TC163 tiffany.copeland 
Hoover, John Instructional Lab Coordinator, Photography 240-567-7526 TC105 john.hoover 
Hubley, Katherine Associate Professor 240-567-7522 TC126 katherine.hubley 
Johannsen, Patricia Professor 240-567-7517 TC124 patricia.johannsen 
Jones, Brian Professor / Acting Department Chair 240-567-7523 TC131 brian.jones 
Koch, Chris Professor 240-567-5305 TC120 christopher.koch 
Lizmi, Melissa Professor 240-567-4003 TC150 melissa.lizmi 
Mason, Brian Instructional Lab Coordinator, Mac Labs 240-567-7514 TC146 brian.mason 
Riggs, Ed Acting Dean of the Arts 240-567-5031 MT621 ed.riggs 
Solomon, Deborah Professor 240-567-5136 TC121 deborah.solomon 
St. Ours, Harry Professor 240-567-7518 TC119 
Swanson, John "Erik" Associate Professor 240-567-4417 TC128 john.swanson 
Thorpe, Patrick TV Engineer 240-567-7531 TC171 patrick.thorpe 
Vaughan, Martha Professor / Gallery Coordinator 240-567-7521 TC125 martha.vaughan 
Youth, Gail Professor 240-567-5340 TC130 gail.youth 

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