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General Education Courses at MC and at UMCP

General Education Courses at MC and at UMCP

There is a great deal of overlap between the gen-ed required courses at MC and gen-ed courses required by the University of Maryland, College Park.  There are, however, some small differences.  So if you are anticipating transferring to UMCP, you should read through the sheet linked below and make sure that all of the gen-ed courses you are taking at MC also transfer to UMCP in a sensible and efficient manner.  For example, UMCP would be happy to have you take ECON201 and ECON202 to fulfill the SB - Behavioral and Social Sciences core area.  However, if you wish to earn an A.S. degree from MC, then you should not take both ECON courses since the two required Behavioral and Social Sciences Distribution (BSSD) at MC must come from different disciplines (for instance, one from ECON and another from PSYC).  Notice also that UMCP now transfers many ARTT and MUSC courses from MC for gen-ed requirements within the engineering program; this is a significant change from the situation a few years ago.  Below is the link to the gen-ed sheet for UMCP.




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