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Tuition and Fees FAQ

How do I Pay Tuition and Fees?

What are the Tuition Rates and Fees?

What is my Financial Responsibility?

Are there Other Special Tuition Rates or Waivers?

What are the Deadlines for Tuition Refunds?

Why haven’t I received a statement?

How do I Pay Tuition and Fees?

Tuition and fees are due at the time of registration. No fees are to be collected in the classroom.

Acceptable forms of payment include:

  • Check – payable to Montgomery College
  • Money order – payable to Montgomery College
  • Credit card & payment plan – through My MC
  • Cash – must be paid at the Cashier's Office

For details, visit our  Payment Information page.

What are the Tuition Rates and Fees?

Your residency status determines your tuition rate. Residency is categorized as:

  • Resident of Montgomery County
  • Maryland resident outside Montgomery County
  • Out-of-state residents

Appealing Your Residency Status 

  • If there is an error in your residency classification, you may appeal it in writing to the campus registrar. Appeals must be accompanied by appropriate evidence of your actual residence.
  • Your appeal must be received before the end of the third week of classes in the fall and spring semesters, and the first week of summer and winter terms. Any changes received after these deadlines will be effective the following semester.

See a Table of all Tuition and Fees

Textbooks and course-related supplies are not included in fees. 

Books and course-related supplies are an important part of a student's college education and are not included in tuition and fees. All required textbooks and course-related supplies should be purchased prior to the first day of class.

Books and course-related supplies cost approximately $50–$100 per course and can be purchased from the campus bookstores two weeks prior to the start of classes. Booklists are posted online.

What is my Financial Responsibility?

You are individually responsible for your tuition and fees. 

Failing to attend courses or stopping payment on your bill does not relieve you of your financial responsibility for incurred tuition and fees.

Outstanding balances will prevent: 

  • Future registration
  • The release of your grades
  • Issuing of your certification, diploma or transcript

If you have an outstanding balance and pay it online, all holds will be released within one hour.

Dropping Courses 

To ensure that your financial record reflects the correct charges, you must drop courses through My MC or an Office of Admissions and Records before the refund deadline provided in My MC. It is the student's responsibility to drop courses that they are not attending.

What if someone else is paying my tuition? 

If any third party such as an individual, government agency or business agrees to pay a student's tuition and fees, the student is not relieved of his or her primary responsibility. In the event that such a third party fails to honor its agreement, Montgomery College reserves the right to directly bill the student.

Are there Other Special Tuition Rates or Waivers?

Active Duty Military and Their Dependents 

Active Duty Military and their dependents are immediately eligible for in-county/in-state tuition rates.  See Military Community Tuition Rates and Residency Requirements for more information. 

Veterans and their dependents are eligible for VA educational benefits.  See The Post 9/11 GI BIll and other VA Programs for more information. 

Business and Industry Tuition Rate Agreements 

Businesses or other organizations in Maryland may be able to offer their employees or members College tuition and fees at the in-county residence rate, regardless of their home address.To be eligible, the courses taken must benefit the employer, and the employer must pay for the courses directly or through an employee reimbursement program.

Detailed instructions are provided on the Business and Industry form, which must be submitted each semester that students take courses. Your agreement must be received by the Office of Admissions and Records before the end of the third week of classes in the fall and spring semesters, and the first week of summer and winter terms.

See Student Forms page to print the Business and Industry form and instructions. 

Statewide Programs and Health Workforce Shortage Programs 

*** Recent changes in State funding may alter the availability and requirements of this program for upcoming terms beginning with winter 2012. More information will be communicated to eligible students this fall.***

The Maryland Higher Education Commission designates some curricula at MC as statewide programs or health manpower shortage programs determined to be in short supply in Maryland. Registered students majoring in the designated curricula who are Maryland residents from outside Montgomery County may be eligible for in-county tuition, depending on available funding. Eligible students must submit the Statewide and Health Workforce Shortage Programs Enrollment Verification each semester they take courses; your Enrollment Verification must be received by the Office of Admissions and Records before the end of the third week of classes in the fall and spring semesters, and the first week of summer and winter terms.   See Student Forms page to print the Statewide Health and Manpower Shortage Enrollment Verification form. 

Senior Tuition Waiver for Students 60 Years and Older 

To qualify for this program, you must be:

  • Maryland resident
  • 60 years of age or older at the time of registration
  • Enrolling for classes after the regular registration period has passed

Waiver requirements:

  • You will still be responsible for paying required fees
  • You need to check the current important dates in academic calendar for the date the waiver goes into effect. You will be responsible for full tuition and fees if you register prior to the listed date
  • Waivers are given on a space-available basis

See Students 60 and over for more information. 

Tuition Waiver for Students with Disabilities 

To qualify, you must:

  • Apply for financial aid
  • Provide proof of your disability as defined by the Social Security Act, Railroad Retirement Act, or Office of Personnel Management
  • Enroll in classes with 10 or more regularly enrolled
  • Pay all required fees
  • Submit both the FAFSA and Certification for Tuition Waiver form each academic year
  • Alert the Office of Admissions and Records when you have registered each semester

See Tuition Waiver for Students with Disabilities for more information. 

Maryland National Guard Members Half-Tuition Waiver 

You are eligible for a 50% tuition waiver if:

  • You are a member of the Maryland National Guard for a minimum of 24-months
  • You enroll in an eligible class (according to Md. (Educ.) Code Ann. Section 16-403)

National Guard Members may register during regular registration.  See National Guard Half-Tuition Waiver for more information. 

What are the Deadlines for Tuition Refunds?

Refund deadlines for each course are listed on your invoice/class schedule that you receive at the time of registration. They also appear in My MC.

The effective date for withdrawal from any class is the date you drop the class online or in person at the Office of Admissions and Records.

All refunds are payable by check to the student of record; refunds for credit card transactions are credited back to the credit card account number used for the transaction. Fees are non-refundable.

For critical information on refunds, please consult  Refund Policy for Credit Courses  before you drop a course from your class schedule.

Why haven’t I received a statement?

Your account balance summary is viewable under the “Your Account” section. You can view your e-bills by clicking on the Pay My Bill icon and clicking on the e-bill link. Notification of the e-bills are sent to your Montgomery College e-mail account. If you are having issues accessing your MyMC account, please contact the IT Service Desk at (240) 567-7222. Hard copy statements will be mailed to students with balances after e-bill notices have been delivered for the term.

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