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MC Grants Review Committee (GRC)

The purpose of the collegewide Grants Review Committee (GRC) is to review and assess significant grant funding opportunities for the College and provide guidance to the College community for overall grant funding priorities.

Activities of the Committee 
  • Review and approval of Montgomery College’s Annual Agenda for Grants - In the case of opportunistic grants, decide the following:
  1. Is the grant opportunity relevant and integral to advancing the College’s mission and priorities?
  2. If the grant is relevant, is it relevant for collegewide application and administration or for a single campus or program?
  3. Are there sufficient college resources available for the development and management of the grant?
  • Recommend appropriate Principal Investigator/Project Director and ensure that individual has sufficient college support for assuming this role
  • Advocate for College policies/procedures/practices that support and sustain effective grants development and grants management
Membership of the Committee 
  • Senior Vice President of Advancement & Community Engagement, Chairperson - David Sears 
  • Senior Vice President for Administrative & Fiscal Services - Janet Wormack 
  • Senior Vice President of Academic Affairs - Sanjay Rai
  • Senior Vice President for Student Services - Gwendolyn Dungy
  • Vice President of Workforce Development and Continuing Education - George Payne 
  • Acting Vice President/Provost of the Germantown campus - Margaret Latimer
  • Vice President/Provost of the Rockville campus - Judy Ackerman 
  • Vice President/Provost of the Takoma Park/Silver Spring campus - Brad Stewart  
  • Vice President of Instructional and Information Technology/CIO - Carl Whitman
  • Vice President for Facilities - Dewey Yeatts
  • Convener of the Deans (Dean of Deans) - Tony Hawkins  
  • Director of Grants and Sponsored Programs – Resource member - Nancy Nuell 
  • Director of Corporate and Foundation Relations – Resource member - Rose Garvin Aquilino 
  • Grants Administrative Aide – Recording Secretary - Carroll Ngo
Frequency of Meetings 

Quarterly with email/conference calls as needed for review and evaluation of significant opportunistic grants

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Montgomery County, MD


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