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Health & Physical Education

Professor John J. Curling

Department Chair
Professor Jack Curling
Office:  PG106
Phone: 240-567-7727


Physical Education  

Full-Time Faculty

Professor Nancy Kropetz 
Office: PG105
Phone: 240-567-7726

Professor Jon Kreissig 
Office: PG104
Phone: 240-567-7725

Health & Physical Education
The Health and Physical Education Department at the Germantown Campus offers a wide range of classes that will appeal to a vast array of interests. Health classes range from general healthy living, stress management, drugs, and women’s health to health and fitness for teachers. The Physical Education classes include lifetime sport activities, such as golf, SCUBA diving, yoga, and tennis as well as many classes for cardiovascular endurance for improving one's strength.

Part-Time Faculty - Fall 2012

Part-Time Faculty Office  -  HS 185
Phone: 240-567-7746

Professor Esat Atikkan

Professor Alice Dessauer

Professor David Gillespie
Professor Ron McGaw

Professor Charles Minear

Professor Jon Pointer

Professor Kenneth Wall

Professor Stuart Wilson

Professor Lily Wong 

We offer the following courses:
HE100 - Principles of Healthier Living
HE101 - Personal and Community Health
HE107 - First Aid and CPR
HE109 - Personalized Health Fitness
HE111 - Drugs Y Lifestyle Wellness
HE150 - Fitness & Nutrition for Weight Management
HE201 - Health & Fitness for Teachers
HE202 - Controlling Stress and Tension
HE204 - Women's Health
PE105 - Beginning Golf
PE116 - Tennis I
PE117 - Tennis II
PE129 - Beginning Swimming
PE130 - Intermediate Swimming
PE135 - Water Exercise
PE137 - Swimming for Fitness
PE138 - Skin & SCUBA Diving
PE165 - Yoga
PE173 - Self Defense for Women
PE174 - Dance Aerobics
PE178 - Weight Training Designed for Women
PE186 - Strength Training & Conditioning

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