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English, Technical Writing, Women's and Gender Studies

English, Technical Writing, Women's and Gender Studies

Professor Tammy Peery

Department Chair
Professor Tammy Peery
Web Page:
Office: PK 124
Phone: 240-567-7768

Technical Writing
Women's and Gender Studies

Location: Paul Peck Academic and Innovation Building 
  20271 Goldenrod Lane
Germantown, MD 20876
Phone: 240-567-2012 

English Department Staff
Elisa Merendino 
Administrative Aide
Office: PK 140
Phone: 240-567-2012

Welcome to the Germantown Campus English Department! 

The Germantown Campus English Department welcomes new and returning students to a wide variety of classes, both on campus and online.  The Developmental English program (EN001, EN002) offers courses for native speakers of English who need additional work and support to prepare for entrance to college level courses. The credit-level composition courses (EN101, EN101A, EN102, and EN109) provide comprehensive instruction in essay writing, critical thinking, research, and argumentation.  In addition, the English Department offers a number of professional writing courses in Grammar, Technical Writing (for which a certificate is available), Creative Writing, and Journalism.  Finally, we offer a variety of literature courses at both the introductory level (EN122 and EN190) and the 200 level that satisfy General Education requirements for both graduation and transfer. The Germantown Campus English Department faculty includes fifteen full-time faculty members and thirty part-time members; the Department and faculty offices are located in Suite 140 of the Paul Peck Academic and Innovation Building (PK).  For additional information, please contact the English Department at 240-567-2012.

Full-Time Faculty

Professor Sharon Anthony 
EN101 Course Coordinator
Web Page:
Office: PK 137
Phone: 240-567-7769

Professor Bryant Davis 
Technical Writing Coordinator
Web Page:
Office: PK 134
Phone: 240-567-7747

Christina Devlin, Ph.D. 
Writing in the Disciplines Collegewide Coordinator
Office: PK1 39
Phone: 240-567-6925

Professor Chip Gladson 
Writing Center Liaison
Office: PK 152
Phone: 240-567-2026

Professor John Hare, Ph.D. 
Web Page:
Office: PK 154
Phone: 240-567-7869

Professor Jill Kronstadt
Web Page:
Office: PK 127
Phone: 240-567-6013

Professor Kateema Lee
Office: PK 138
Phone: 240-567-7755
Professor L. Miller Newman, Ed.D.
Office: PK 155
Phone: 240-567-2004

Professor Stephen Newmann
Office: PK 157
Phone: 240-567-6939

Professor Chester Pryor
Office: PK 136
Phone: 240-567-1964

Professor Katherine Smith 
Editor of Potomac Review and Gryphon
Office: PK 151
Phone: 240-567-7765

Professor Abby Spero 
Chair, Curriculum Committee
Office: PK 129
Phone: 240-567-7753

Professor Jorinde van den Berg, Ph.D.
Office: HS 176
Phone: 240-567-6900

Professor Carla Witcher 
Developmental English Coordinator
Office: PK 131
Phone: 240-567-1962

Part-Time Faculty - Fall 2012
Phone: 240-567-2012

Professor Erin Aust
Professor Adele Brown
Professor Paul Baker
Professor Cathryn Carroll
Professor Diane Chapin
Professor Emerald Christopher
Professor Christina Cocozzella
Professor Elizabeth Cross
Professor Mary Crowley-Farrell
Professor Matthew Decker
Professor Norman Grant
Professor Rana Jarrar
Professor Shireen Ahmido-Jarrar
Professor Alejandro Leopardi
Professor Heather Levine
Professor Allison Martin
Professor Cathie Mathews
Cathie's Web Page: Sally McClean
Professor John McLaughlin
Professor Martha Monks
Professor Vanessa Nakoski
Professor Teresa Petro
Professor Anne Pulju
Professor Julia Pompetti
Professor Damion Quaye
Professor Ernest Ramirez
Professor Maria Ramirez
Professor Rebecca Razavi
Professor Dan Reade
Katherine Robinson, Ph.D.
Professor Sean Santa
Professor Bev Stout
Professor Virginia Streamer
Professor Charles Washington
Professor Xing Xianghui        











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