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The following are frequently asked questions:

Q: I was planning on taking my classes on Germantown or Takoma Park/Silver Spring campus.  Can I still apply?

A: Yes.  While MBI is based on Rockville campus, you're only required to take your honors core business courses on Rockville campus.  In addition, you'll also be required to participate in weekly seminar on Rockville campus, as well as other experiential learning activities outside of your classroom commitments.


Q: What if I've already taken some classes at MC?

A: As long as you haven't completed more than 12 credits at MC, you're still eligible to apply for the two-year program.  You also won't need to pay the $25 application fee again.


Q: What if my standardized test scores fall below the minimum requrement for eligibility?

A: If you're standardized test scores fall below the minimum levels advised, make arrangements to take the appropriate placement test. Failure to take the appropriate placement test could adversely affect your consideration for the program.


Q: Do I need to submit my senior year grades?

A: For best consideration, first semester senior year grades should be sent to the Office of Admissions, Rockville Campus no later than March 1.


Q: How many letters of recommendation may I submit?

A: Only two letters of recommendation are required, although you may submit up to four.  We accept recommendations from teachers, counselors, employers, MC faculty, coaches, and internship coordinators.


Q: I've never written a resume.  What should I include?

A:  Consider including the following: your objective, academic standing, work experience, internship experience, community service, extra curricular activities, volunteer activities, awards, scholarships, and accomplishments.


Q: Will I get into the Robert H. Smith School of Business if I graduate from MBI?

A: We've developed a strong relationship with Smith, and while most students who apply to Smith do get in, acceptance into Smith is not guaranteed.  Ultimately, you're responsible for your overall achievements and academic standing while enrolled at  MC.

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