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Portfolio Assessment

The Portfolio Assessment is an opportunity for you to create a portfolio that summarizes your learning experiences in a particular area of study or variety of subjects.   Portfolios are submitted for evaluation by Montgomery College faculty. This option is for students who have either a significant amount of learning in one particular area of study or who have a broad range of learning in a variety of subjects. It can also be an option for students who have prior learning in a particular area(s) who dislike standardized exams.

In order to qualify for the Portfolio Assessment, you must:

1.  Have sufficient writing skills; the completion of ENGL101 or the equivalent.

2.  Allow proper time to prepare the portfolio and reflect on prior learning experiences.

3.  Attend a mandatory information session and obtain permission from appropriate department(s) in charge of the portfolio evaluation.

4.  Register for DS150, Portfolio Development Seminar (usually offered during the fall semester).

5.  Pay the evaluation assessment fee that is due before faculty assessment of the portfolio. The fee is 40% of the in-county tuition rate. Students can go to the Campus Cashier to pay this fee.

For more information about this option, contact Dorothy Umans at 240-567-3820.

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