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Final Exams

Fall 2017 Final Exam Schedule

Spring 2018 Final Exam Schedule

- Montgomery College follows a final exam schedule during the fall and spring semesters. During the winter and summer sessions, final exams are given the last day of class.
- Regular examinations, quizzes, or tests during a course may be scheduled by the instructor in accordance with department/unit guidelines.
- If midterm exams are given, they are administered during the time period designated by the College as listed in the Important Dates and Deadlines.
- Conflicts do occur, so always confirm your final exam date and time with your instructor at the beginning of the semester.
- Some exams may be given at the Campus Assessment Centers (especially Distance Education classes); your instructor will let you know if your exam is to be taken at an Assessment Center.
- Whether or not a final exam is given, the class is required to meet during the last week of the semester. Final exams should be given in accordance with the College’s final exam schedule. If a class does not fall within the criteria of the final exam schedule guidelines, please contact the instructor.
- The final exam schedule is set by the Course Scheduling Office (Office of Enrollment Services).


FAQ for Faculty and Staff about Final Exams

Information regarding final exams can be found on page 47 of the faculty handbook

1. Does the  Course Scheduling Office schedule final exams for off-campus courses?
No. The  Course Scheduling Office does not schedule final exams for off-campus courses, labs, discussions or recitations.

2. What if I need more time to give my final exam than what is provided in the final exam schedule?
While all exams must begin at the allotted time provided by the College's final exam schedule, exams can go beyond that time as long as the instructor has made arrangements and space allows with the  Course Scheduling Office to reserve their classroom beyond the standard two-hour period.

3. What if I would like to change the room in which I am scheduled to give my final exam?
Classroom assignments can be changed if space allows up until three days prior to the scheduled exam date. Please be advised that classroom assignments can change due to conflicts up until that date, so you should confirm your room assignment within three days prior to your exam. Please make sure to contact the  Course Scheduling Office with your plans because space is limited, even during final exam week.

4. What if I have a conflict with one or more of my scheduled exams?
Exams are scheduled to avoid as many conflicts with other exams as possible. However, conflicts do occasionally occur. If you are a student, and have a conflict with one of your exams, please contact your
instructors of the exams and discuss alternative exam scheduling possibilities. If you are an instructor, and you have a conflict with your exam scheduling, please contact your Department Chair or Dean who will contact your department Course Scheduling Assistant to come up with exam scheduling alternatives.

5. What do I do if the College is closed due to weather or an emergency?
Contact your Department Chair or Dean for instruction.

6. What if my class does not fall within any of the final exam schedule guidelines?
Contact the instructor of your class to find out when the final exam for that class is being given.

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