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 Frequently Asked Questions 

1. What is Student Life?

The Office of Student Life, SA186, offers many opportunities for students to get involved on campus and in the community, including the following:

Campus Events
Student Clubs
Student Leadership Workshops 
Student Senate
FYE Ambassadors
Service Learning and Volunteer Opportunities 

2. How can I get involved?

The Student Life Office can provide information, location, date, and time about the various events, club meetings, leadership workshops, senate meetings, etc.  Everyone is welcome to attend these activities without prior registration.  Other opportunites, such as Service Learning or volunteer work, contact the service learning coordinator, Kris Borcherding, or stop by the Office of Student Life.

To start your own club or get more information about clubs, contact Maria Clark, or stop by the Office of Student Life.

To learn more about becomiing an FYE Student Ambassador or Student Senate Officer, contact Debi Higbie-Holmes, the director of student life.

3. What are the benefits of invovement in Student Life activities?

 You can make the most of your college education by getting involved in campus life outside of the classroom in addition to attending classes.  You will learn valuable life skills and apply those skills by leading a club or planning an event.  Those skills can be added to a resume or an application for a four school.  Being involved in campus life may also earn valuable scholarship dollars.

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