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Academic Appeals Process

Academic Appeals Process 


An academic appeal is for those students who have a special request for an exception to a specific appealable academic regulation.
Students are responsible for obtaining and submitting all relevant information to support an academic appeal.  If outside of the immediate area, students may contact faculty members via email; email responses from the faculty's MC email account  are accepted in lieu of signatures. THIS IS NOT A TUITION REFUND APPEAL or INVOLUNTARY WITHDRAWAL; see Admissions and Records for instructions.



1.  Contact an academic counselor to discuss your appeal. The counselor will explain the process and help you determine which regulation is involved. Indicate the specific regulation to be appealed on the first page of the appeal form. Full text of the Academic Regulations is available at  

2.  Write a statement explaining the reason of appeal. Be sure to give complete information, including specific dates, if appropriate. Attach supporting documentation.  

3.  Take your appeal form to the appropriate faculty member for recommendation, comments (specific reasons for approval or disapproval), and signature. If the faculty member is not available, see the department chair.  Please note: 

  • If your appeal is a forth attempt of a class, the department chair's signature is required. Instructor support is recommended.
  • If your appeal is to extend the deadline to withdraw and:
    • You receive scholarships, grants, and/or loans, or if the Office of Financial Aid held your classes with estimated financial aid, a withdrawal may adversely affect your student account. Consult a financial aid counselor or specialist prior to submitting an appeal to extend the deadline to withdraw.
    • You are a F1/M1 visa holder, a withdrawal may adversely affect the status of your visa. See an international student coordinator before submitting your appeal.

4.  Discuss your completed form with the same counselor you talked with in Step 1. Obtain the counselor's signature on this form or via email. Incomplete forms with not be accepted or considered.

5.  Submit a complete packet to the Office of Admissions and Records on the campus where you attempted the course(s). All documentation must be submitted 48 hours prior to the next academic appeals meeting.

6.  You may attend the academic appeals meeting to provide clarification or additional information.  Attendance is not required. If you wish to attend, check the space on the Student Academic Appeal Petition Form. If you cannot attend that meeting, the committee will make a decision without your attendance. The committee may also defer your appeal to a later meeting and request that you attend.

7.  Students will be notified of the appeals committee's decision by mail within one week of the meeting.


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