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Reading 120

Reading 120/Reading and Study in College Content Areas 

This course emphasizes the transfer and practical application of previously learned reading and study skills to print and visual materials commonly assigned in college course work. Materials selected will be field-specific and will focus on such skills as recognizing organizational patterns, main ideas and support, use of textbook aids, reasoning patterns, systems for reading and lecture note-taking, and content-specific methodology.

  1. Who should take the course?
    This is an option for students enrolled in entry-level college courses. In particular, credit-level students who seek experience and guidance in handling the challenges of college-level materials, including textbooks, would benefit from taking RD 120.

  2. Is there a prerequisite for this course?
    Students who take this course should have successfully completed RD 099 or earned a score of 10.9 grade reading level or above on the Accuplacer/Reading Test (Scaled Score of 79 or above). An SAT Verbal or SAT Critical Reading score of 550 and above, or 24 and above on the ACT, would be acceptable for entry into RD 120. Students may also obtain consent from the department for special circumstances.

  3. What content areas are studied?
    American English Language Program (AELP) students are eligible to take RD 120 once they have completed RD 103 or tested out of it with the current RD 103 testing instrument. An AELP professor may, in fact, recommend a particular section of RD 120. The content areas studied vary on each campus and during each semester. Check the Class Schedule for specific information.

  4. Why should I take this course?
    RD 120 offers students an opportunity to improve their reading, research, and study skills and earn three transferable credits at the same time. This course can serve as an elective and may apply toward a two- or four-year degree. RD 120 also provides students with an opportunity to develop and expand their library and Internet searching ability.

  5. When and where are the RD 120 classes offered?
    Each semester the College publishes a Credit Class Schedule, which lists all RD courses and provides the course dates, times, day(s) of the week, professor, and class location. These can vary somewhat from semester to semester, so be sure to consult the Credit Class Schedule for the semester for which you are enrolling.

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